ECV Consultancy LtdDavid Heslett and Marcus TheilFIDIC Award Citation

The judges were impressed by these longstanding and well-established FIDIC trainers of more than 20 years who have demonstrated significant knowledge and enthusiasm for training on FIDIC forms. They are well known and well regarded across the industry for their training and have a long and distinguished track record which receives deserved recognition this year.

ECV Consultancy Ltd

ECV has been since 2000 a leading provider of FIDIC contract training worldwide​. Through its owner David Heslett, it created the modular format of training in the 1999 FIDIC​ contracts and worked in partnership with FIDIC until the advent of Covid, presenting its courses to over 30,000 professionals in 90 countries. ​ECV has a rich history of training courses and with the advent of Covid in 2020 it converted all its 1999 and 2017 FIDIC contract courses to virtual delivery. From October 2020 to the present date, ECV has trained over 1,500 professionals from 45 countries in these contracts and more recently the 2021 FIDIC Short Form Contract.​

Contacts: E-mail: or phone: +447889682116

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28th November 2023

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