The College of Independent Trainers exists to provide companies and individuals working in construction with the FIDIC training they need.

Contractors, engineers, project managers, employers, subcontractors and others need top-quality training at competitive prices.

The training needs to be practical and hands-on and delivered by engineers, construction lawyers and others with deep experience and a talent for teaching.

CIT members have the experience and the talent. They organise public seminars as well as bespoke inhouse sessions. These can cover whatever aspect of working with whichever of the FIDIC Contracts that the client needs.


CIT members are trainers who are FIDIC Certified Trainers or College Qualified Trainers. However, being entirely independent of FIDIC, our trainers provide objective, unbiased views based on deep experience. The training seminars and other events are not constrained by FIDIC’s specifications but address the needs of the clients.

The independence of CIT members also permits them to charge reasonable, competitive fees for their training.


Members of CIT must have over 5 years of experience working with FIDIC Contracts, as well as being FIDIC Certified Trainers or College Qualified Trainers. This experience shines out in the training sessions, particularly when our trainers lead workshops and answer questions.


Our trainer members are all FIDIC Certified Trainers or College Qualified Trainers as well as being a variety of well-qualified Engineers, Lawyers, Quantity Surveyors, Adjudicators, Arbitrators etc.

Please follow the links for individual members to see their CVs.

Who we are

Principal of the College: Edward Corbett. Edward was the founder and managing director of Corbett & Co until it was acquired by law form Howard Kennedy in 2023. Edward still leads the International Construction team at Howard Kennedy as a Consultant and is also the owner of Cornerstone Seminars. Edward has been training on the FIDIC contracts since the early 1990s. He co-founded Cornerstone Seminars a few years later and has subsequently provided public and in-house seminars to 1000s of industry professionals. His profile can be viewed here.


  • Is the College part of FIDIC or the FIDIC Academy? No, it is independent. The worldwide need for capacity building is far beyond what FIDIC can do alone.
  • Can I train for the FIDIC Academy as well as being a member of CIT? Yes, unless you agree to be exclusive with the Academy. As far as the College is concerned, you are free to train wherever you are needed.
  • Do I have to be a FIDIC Certified Trainer to join the College? No, under the College Qualified Trainer scheme, the College will consider applications for membership by trainers with equivalent qualifications, skills and experience as those required to become an FCT.
  • How do College trainers compare with Academy and other trainers? The College believes that it has some of the most experienced and best qualified trainers. They are also independent and are free to express their own opinions and teach with their own materials.
  • How do prices for training compare between the College and the Academy? Please take a look at the College members’ offerings. As the College does not ask for a cut of all fees paid, the prices should be very competitive.
  • Are College certificates of completed training as valuable as Academy certificates? Yes, all certificates signed by a FIDIC Certified Trainer or College Qualified Trainer should be treated the same. The quality of the trainer and the course undertaken could be a ground for preferring a College certificate.

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